So why should you install solar right now?

Special Group Pricing

Solarize 59068 has worked with Sundance Solar to secure a special group pricing rate for people who participate in the program. This special pricing goes away at the end of the campaign period on August 23, 2019.

Last Year to Receive Full Federal Tax Credit

The federal government provides an investment tax credit that allows you to subtract 30% of your solar system cost from the amount you owe on your taxes. However, 2019 is the last year that you can receive this tax credit at this rate. After 2019 the tax credit decreases and in 2021 it expires.

NorthWestern Energy Rate Case

If your utility is NorthWestern Energy it is in your best interest to install solar as quickly as possible. NorthWestern Energy has submitted a rate case to the Public Service Commission that could significantly change how net-metering customers are charged and drastically reduce the cost-savings that solar panels produce. Homes and businesses that install solar before the rate case is decided will be grandfathered into the existing system and will see significant cost-savings from their solar panels.